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Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is an alternative massage treatment based on the principles of Tantra. It is a series of stimulations designed to arouse different parts of the receiver’s body and ignite sensations throughout the session. Tantric massage can be as beneficial as it is enjoyable, especially when performed by a trained Tantric goddess. History of Tantric Massage Tantric massage was developed over a century ago in Asia, particularly in India where the principles of Tantra were initiall...»

Yoni Massage

  Yoni massage is an intimate massage designed specifically for women. It uses a series of Tantric stimulations to regenerate and arouse the female sexual energy. Yoni in Sanskrit means “Sacred Space” or “Sacred Temple”, commonly used to describe the female sexual organ. Tantra sees the female sexual organ as a sacred temple where Chakra gathers. When performed by a trained Tantric goddess or master, Yoni massage can be both enlightening spiritually and rejuvenat...»

Prostate Massage

  Prostate massage is a form of Tantric massage ritual designed to stimulate the male prostate gland. It is a truly remarkable therapy for those who are suffering from a lot of health and sexual issues or simply want to prevent them from happening. Although it may seem like an uncomfortable therapy to go through, Tantric prostate massage is actually very enjoyable.   In many Tantra manuscripts, the male prostate gland is recognized as the Sacred Spot – not to be mista...»

Lingam Massage

  Lingam is the Sanskrit word for male sexual organ or penis; it is often loosely translated as the Wand of Light, the centre of male sexual energy. Lingam is also recognized as one of the important spiritual points in the human body according to the principles of Tantra.   Lingam massage is a set of rituals designed to stimulate the Lingam area, especially as part of a more comprehensive Tantric massage rituals. The rituals stimulate creative and sensual energy while at th...»

Sexual benefits of Massage

  Tantric massage, or erotic massage in general, is known not only for its health and spiritual benefits but also for its immense sexual benefits. There is no doubt that Tantric massage is designed to be sensual by nature – due to the use of Tantra principles as the basis for its rituals – but the benefits of these rituals extend beyond the boundaries of a Tantric massage session.   Before we look further into the sexual benefits of massage, there is an importan...»

Spiritual Benefits of Massage

  The benefits of massage therapies can be felt both physically and spiritually. With rituals such as Tantric massage, the very principles behind them promote spiritual enlightenment through a series of simple rituals. It is always interesting to explore the spiritual benefits of massage and how they can be felt even after the sessions end.   Pure Relaxation Regardless of the nature of the massage, most rituals are designed to be very relaxing. Basic Tantric massage, fo...»

What is massage parlour

  A massage parlour is a place where customers can receive massage treatments of different kinds. Although many venues are seen as a front for prostitution, there are still a large number of massage parlours that focus on giving the best treatments to clients or customers.   A massage parlous must be designed to allow customers to be in a fully relaxed state. The key to enjoying the best massage treatments is being able to relax throughout the process, which is why aromathe...»

What to expect from tantric massage

  Tantric massage offers a rather unique experience combining the benefits of Tantric rituals and the sensual aura of Tantra. Book a Tantric massage session and you will find that there are a number of things to expect from the Tantric massage experience.   The Tantric Temple Tantric massage can be performed at one of the available Tantric temples in your area. Tantric temples are specifically designed to enhance the overall experience brought to you by Tantric rituals ...»

4 hand massage

  A four-hand massage is a sensational massage therapy performed by two goddesses instead of just one. It is a well-known Tantric massage ritual that brings not only the best massage experience but also a wide range of benefits.   The four-hand massage is also know as the Ocean Waves due to the way this massage is delivered. The four hands of the Tantric goddesses performing this therapy send stimulations in sweeping motions, in waves of sensations that are very enjoyable. ...»

Body to body massage

  For a truly sensual experience, a body-to-body massage is the best Tantric treatment to get. As the name suggests, the Tantric goddess will use the natural curves of her bare body instead of her hands to deliver stimulations and produce a stunning array of benefits.   A body-to-body massage produces unrivalled sensations that cannot be found in other Tantric rituals. The way soft pressures are delivered and the experience produced by the Tantric goddess’s body slidi...»

Erotic massage and happy ending

  Erotic massage and happy ending are often seen as two inseparable things. Most of the time these phrases are badly associated with sexual activities and reaching orgasm instead of the massage treatments performed. To help debunk some of the myths, we are going to discuss more about erotic massage and happy ending in this part.   Erotic Massage Erotic massage is every massage therapy that has a strong sensual aura to it. The name erotic massage is given to massage trea...»

How to learn tantric massage

  The art of Tantra and Tantric rituals are not difficult to master as long as you are willing to do the hard work. Many have mastered Tantric massage and how to deliver the stimulations properly; you too can be a Tantric master through a series of simple trainings.   Tantric Massage Courses Entering Tantric massage classes is perhaps the easiest way to learn more about the practice of Tantra and the Tantric rituals performed during a massage session. There are a number...»

What is Tantra?

  Before we can truly explore the art of Tantric rituals, it is necessary to learn more about Tantra. Tantra is the very foundation that shapes Tantric massage and its rituals. What is Tantra exactly?   The Word: Tantra Tantra is a Sanskrit word that means “to expand” or “to grow”. The word Tan in Sanskrit represents “stretch, expand” while the suffix Tra means “instruments, tools”. From the derived meaning of the word Tan...»

History of Tantra

  The history of Tantra dates back to the 1.700 B.C. when the word Tantra was first used to describe a series of principles. It was mentioned in the book of Rigveda, an ancient Indian collection of Vedic Sanskrit hymns that was noted as the origin of Tantric principles. Tantra continued to grow all the way to 1.100 B.C., an era known as the early Vedic era.   From there, Tantra gained momentum and continued to grow rapidly. It transformed itself in order to adjust to the mo...»

Tantric massage and health

  Tantric massage produces undeniable health benefits as part of its rewards. When performed correctly by trained Tantric goddesses, the impact of a Tantric massage therapy to your health can be truly profound. It is interesting to explore some of the health benefits of Tantric massage and how the therapy can help you overcome health issues effectively.   Direct Benefits of Tantric Massage There are benefits of Tantric massage that can be felt even as the session progre...»

Premature Ejaculation and Massage

  Dealing with premature ejaculation is not as difficult as you may think, especially with different treatments and remedies now easily available. Before we can start talking about how to deal with premature ejaculation with the help of massage treatments, it is necessary to review the causes of the problem in the first place.   Premature Ejaculation Premature ejaculation is a condition where sexual release happens before the desired time. There is no normal or fixed li...»

Prolonging pleasure

  Tantric massage and other massage therapies offer a number of benefits, many of them being related to sexual performance and the quality of one’s sexual experience. The control one’s sexual energy and prolong pleasure are among the many benefits that can be acquired through a series of massage treatments.   There are a number of things to understand about how prolonging pleasure is made possible. In order to prolong pleasure during a sexual intercourse, it is ...»

Massage for women

  Massage therapies for women offer not only a lot of benefits but also a wealth of pleasure to enjoy along the way. The therapies available are designed to bring joy to those who enjoy them while at the same time stimulate different parts of the body in order to ignite physical and psychological benefits.   Although most therapies are designed to be universal, certain treatments such as Yoni massage can only be enjoyed by female receivers. These treatments cater to the nee...»

Bathing and massage

  Taking a bath, especially a warm bath, is always a good way to start a massage session. The whole experience can be taken further by transforming that simple bath into a full-body bathing ritual.   Many massage therapies, including Tantric massage, include bathing rituals at the beginning of the session. These bathing rituals allow the body to relax and be ready for the stimulations delivered throughout the massage session following them.   Elements of a Ther...»

Body Worship

  Tantra sees every man and woman as a container to a divine spark, an unlimited source of energy. A full-body worship is a Tantric ritual designed to unlock that divine energy, as a way to reconnect with one’s spiritual self at many levels. Designed to follow a Tantric bathing ritual, body worship based on the principles of Tantra is also very relaxing.   The main goal of a body worship ritual is to unlock the potentials of the receiver while allowing transfer of pos...»

Average costs of massage

  The cost of massage services vary depending on the type and extensiveness of the service you are getting. Aside from different cost elements, there are also a number of things that may influence just how much a massage service costs.   These cost elements will determine not only how much you need to pay for the massage services but also how enjoyable the experience can be. Among the important cost elements to consider are: The Massage Venue Booking a massage sessi...»

How to find good tantric agency

  The key to enjoying the best Tantric massage experience is working with the best Tantric agency in the first place. A highly trained Tantric goddess and a superbly soothing Tantric temple are among the many things that will make your Tantric massage experience as beneficial as it is enjoyable.   In order to choose the best Tantric agency to engage, several aspects must be taken into considerations: Experience and Track Records Tantric agencies with more experienc...»

Naturist Massage

  Naturist massage is mainly different from the basic Tantric massage in one aspect: the Tantric goddess performing the rituals in complete nudity. Although the difference may seem minute, the overall experience produced by a naturist massage session can be hugely different.   The point of a naturist massage is to allow better transfer of energy and stronger sensual intimacy throughout the session. As a result, the overall experience is not only much more enjoyable but also...»

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